Lectures about Siberia
Across Russia Deep frozen adventure
The Worlds biggest country seen from a bicycle 350km of trekking in minus 40°C
It began with "The worst tour ever" on bicycle in Siberia. Lack of knowledge and experience turned the project into a deep failure in 1996 but next year I came back and got my bicycle record. More important though I managed to meet the local Siberians just the way I so much had hope for the year before.
Lake Baikal is called "the Pearl of Siberia". Few visit it during the winter, but the frost make the lake even more beautiful than it is in the summer. This is why I was trekking there in deep frost with only my sledge and tent.
Minus 40°C may be extreme but with the right equipment and training it is more about crystal clear nights in the wilderness and a wonderful scenario during the day hours with high sun from a clear sky.
This story is therefore much more about folklore, nature and daily life in Siberia, than it is about making a record of going from one point to another.
Duration: 60 to 150 min. incl. a break.
Duration: 60 to 90 min. incl. a break.
(Multimedia lecture will be ready later in 2004)