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The old Soviet Aeroflot was split up into more than 140 local airline companies. Aeroflot herself continued as the Russian internation airline and today it is a succesful company with high safety.
A French home page about Lake Baikal and a number of individual tours in Siberia. Here you will also find Guy Jeandon's bicycle tour accross the fronzen Lake Baikal.
Are you into non-mainstream hollidays, going to odd places and do you like to be among nationalities from all over the World, then Olkhon is the place to go. The town is in the very middle of Lake Baikal.
Pulkovo Avial is a Saint Petersburg based airline and it has a very fine network of destinations in Russia. The airline fares are moderate and the safety level high.
Have you limited time to make all the preparations on your own, you could join one of the tours arranged by Jack Sheremetoff. He speaks good English and he has tours both summer and winter.