Links: Home pages for towns in Siberia
The former capital of Eastern Siberia. A very nice town with a lot of attractions of which Lake Baikal is the pearl over them all.
The official page for Magadan with no reference to Stalin's camp system. It would be as if Auschwitz had a home page only about agriculture and economy, not telling about the extermination camp.
Novosibirsk is today's capital of all of Siberia and with its 1,8 mill. inhabitants, it is the biggest in Siberia. Here are several universities, Russia's biggest opera, several theaters, a zoo and much more.
Susuman is placed in the middle of Kolyma's gold fields. There are many pictures about the gold production but very little about the thousands of prisoners who paid with their lives to build the town.
The coldest city in the world. The mean temperature is minus 44°C in February. It is a very prosperous town and it is the capital for Yakutia, a province 6 times the size of France!