Russia's geographical diversion
Russia Siberia Russian Far East
Along the water shred in the Ural Mountains, European Russia has its border to Asia. Russia is by far the biggest country in Europe and it is here most of the Russians live. The country stretches all the way from the Arctic Sea in the North to the Black Sea and Caucasus in the South. Siberia is the biggest of Russia's regions but it is very scarcely populated and big parts of it are very hostile to any type of life and civilisation. Siberia is bigger than all of the USA incl. Alaska plus all of Europe except Russia. And yet, there are space for one more France! Strictly spoken Russian Far East is not a part of Siberia, but in most contexts it is included anyway also by the Russians. The climate is mild in the South at Vladivostok and to the North it is the most hostile populated part of the Earth.