A turbulent history
Hope, tragegy, adventure and fortune
"Sibir" means "Sleeping Land" and that was the name of the Ost Tartars capital Sibir, about 30 km Southeast of todays Tobolsk. This giant kingdom was one of the last parts of the great Mongolian Empire.
Siberia was conqured in 1584 by Ataman (clan leader) Yermak and his gang of Volga Cos-sacks. Most of all he went there because his gang of pirates were driven out of Volga by Ivan the Terrible's troops to protect the trade.
The Russians (or Moscovy) were several times beaten by the Tartars but in 1584 after long internal fightings the strength of the Tartars was questionable. So, in order not to wake up a mighty enemy, the Russians lure Yermak's gang of 5.000 worriers to try their fortune. Yermak dies but Sibir was conqured and 20 years later the Russians gain the final victory over the Tartar's king.
This is of course the ultra short version of the history but much more will follow later.