Jens Alstrup's expeditions in Siberia
On bicycles through Siberia in 1996 All of Russia from one coast to another in 1997 Winter trekking on the frozen Lake Baikal
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In 1996 we were 3 bicycle riders who tried to become the first ever to cross all of Siberia on bicycles. The attempt failed and the project became far more dramatic than imagined. This expedition succeeded and was accep-ted by Guinness Book of Records 1999 (Danish edition). I became the first ever to cross all of Russia on a bicycle - 11.724 km (7.285 miles). My tour in 2000 was focused on nature and adventure and it worked out very fine. The plan was to walk 700km on the ice on Lake Baikal with a tent and a sledge. The tour did not work out as planned, but it became a very good and unforgettable experience.
The story has been published by "Borgens Forlag" in Danish. Here you can see (in English) the facts about the expedition, a lot of pictures and the background for the novel. However, the story is much more about people and culture than about the record. Until autumn 2004 there will only be these old Danish pages and an English article in PDF-format.
At some unknown date in the future, these pages will be changed into a story about 3 adventures on and along the Lake Baikal.